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Show Notes: "Clover" "Mighty Apple Tree" "What Should Will Never Be" "Don't You Cry" "Magna Zero" "Lonely Rider" "Planet Silver" and "Headrush > Treeprise" were released on Rick's Picks Live CD#14. "Pine Tree" and "Canopy" were released on Rick's Picks Live CD#17.

This show was the band's 1 year anniversary. At the end of set 1 Tom Papp presented the band with the Best Neighbors Award and Vin Pugliese with the Best Lighting Designer Award. "Charge!" was teased during Tom's speech. Ricky also mentioned that the band was donating $1,700 to a Suicide Prevention Charity from the money raised at the 12/30/2019 show. At the start of set 2 Ricky gave a special shout out to Aidan G. for his 9th birthday (the youngest Neighbor)!

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  • "Sy Borg" quote in Magna Zero
  • "Manteca" tease in Headrush
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  • 2021-01-07, Neighbor, Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA

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