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Appears on: Rick's Picks Vol. 04 Neighbor Live Rick's Picks Vol. 12 Rick's Picks Vol. 13 Rick's Picks Vol. 17 Rick's Picks Vol. 21 Rick's Picks Vol. 16

Canopy has been performed by Neighbor 35 times. It was last played 2022-05-06, which was 5 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed By Track Time Footnote
2019-05-28 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA11Neighbor14:10Debut
2019-06-04 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor13:42
2019-06-18 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor13:02
2019-07-16 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor17:13
2019-07-23 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor17:22Hello (Lionel Richie) jam
2019-08-06 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor19:20Drum solo segue.
2019-08-13 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor09:05
2019-09-03 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor19:48
2019-09-17 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor16:45Crashing Down tease
2019-11-05 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Neighbor13:25
2019-12-10 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Neighbor12:05
2019-12-17 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor16:14
2019-12-21 Sugarloaf Mountain, Carrabassett Valley, ME0Neighbor
2019-12-30 The Bowery Electric, New York, NY0Neighbor12:33
2020-01-07 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor14:26
2020-01-21 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor14:18
2020-01-25 3S Art Space, Portsmouth, NH0Neighbor10:20
2020-03-03 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Neighbor15:20Mighty Apple Tree tease.
2020-06-25 Tupelo Music Hall Drive-In, Derry, NH1Neighbor13:20
2020-07-24 Levitate Backyard and Rexicana Surf Cantina, Marshfield, MA1Neighbor11:57Crashing Down tease
2020-09-12 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA3Neighbor13:49Crashing Down and Talk (Phish) teases
2020-09-26 Capital Arts Festival, Concord, NH0Neighbor13:52
2020-11-27 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA6Neighbor10:24
2021-01-08 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA3Neighbor14:52
2021-04-27 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA7Neighbor06:34"You Soft" and "Tom Papp" replaced "Hi" the first 2 times.
2021-06-18 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA5Neighbor09:07
2021-07-21 The Loft, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA2Neighbor12:22
2021-08-19 Circus of Life Festival, Bethel, NY2Neighbor10:25Life in the Fast Lane tease.
2021-11-04 The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa, CA10Neighbor18:48
2021-11-20 Portland House of Music and Events, Portland, ME1Neighbor15:11
2022-01-05 The Press Room, Portsmouth, NH1Neighbor15:05The Landlady (Phish), Foam (Phish), Into The Sun, and Cumberland Blues (The Grateful Dead) teases.
2022-02-25 StageOne at FTC, Fairfield, CT7Neighbor15:15
2022-03-18 The Flying Monkey, Plymouth, NH0Neighbor19:08
2022-04-22 5 Points Music Sanctuary, Roanoke, VA1Neighbor
2022-05-06 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA8Neighbor05:00