SILVER is Neighbor's Rock Odyssey. It consists of 10 songs and tells a story of an epic voyage into space. Silver was performed in full 8 times (2019-09-24, 2019-12-17, 2020-11-28, 2021-09-03, 2022-04-30, 2022-11-05, 2023-08-05, and 2023-12-28). Below is the track listing and an explanation of the story from Richard James and Lyle Brewer.

The journey begins where we (2 young men) are sick of being on earth. Political structure has fallen apart, the earth is slowly deteriorating from humans not caring for it, technology is taking over, and human interaction is becoming less and less ‘real’. There is ‘too much’ of everything, and it’s become overwhelming to deal with and try to understand. That’s when we meet a man named Milwaukee Talkie who happens to captain a craft that takes people into outer space. Milwaukee Talkie tells us that if we come with him, he will show us places in space that are so amazing, we won’t ever want to leave... Here are the lyrics to Milwaukee Talkie:

Too much sun, too much rain

All the joy and all the pain

Too much yours, too much mine

Time to leave this world behind

Too much right, too much wrong

In this place we don’t belong

I’m Milwaukee Talkie and I’ll take you far away

To places that you’ve never seen

Where no one knows your name...

Too much dark, too much light

Always wrong and never right

Too much Life, too much death

Never time to catch Breath

To much Need, too much fear

There’s nothing left for us down here

I’m Milwaukee Talkie and I’ll take you far away

To places that you’ve never seen

Where no one knows your name...

After Milwaukee Talkie we move on to a song called Magic Marble Crew. The Magic Marble Crew is the group that we meet on the ship that travels the universe with Milwaukee Talkie. Here are the lyrics to Magic Marble Crew:

15 thousand gallons of your finest rocket fuel

20 million miles with the magic marble crew

You don’t have to worry

cause there’s nothing we don’t know

All is clear just sign right here

and let us take control


When we land you’ll understand

the reason why we’re here

You’ll receive a blessing

and your mission will be clear

You may see some things

that you have never seen before

If you feel uncomfortable

just take a little more


After that we move on to an instrumental piece called Silver I. This is an arpeggiated melodic guitar piece that we envision as a ‘leaving the planet’ song.

The Magic Marble Crew gives us a substance that we ingest to help us understand our surroundings and what we’re about to experience on our first planet called, Magna Zero. Magna Zero is a planet where anything goes. No one takes good care of themselves, they can do as they please, and there is no form of authority. This planet is a free for all, inhabited by a race of ‘Oolachs’ (Male) and ‘Gimbanalas’ (Female). Here are the lyrics to Magna Zero:

Shooting like a star

out of the sky we start to notice

That the planet that we’ve landed on

Is dirty and corroded

From the oolachs and the gimbanalas

Lying in the streets

It’s a free for all on planet zero

Life is obsolete

Destiny is endless

No one sees a greater good

Understanding everyone’s a bit misunderstood

Captain walkie talkie and the magic marble crew

Land the ship on planet zero

Shouting now it’s up to you....

Everything is starting to get different

in a very sort of strange way

I’m seeing things I’m not sure if I like it here

Everyone and everything is melting to the core

Not sure what is real or not

the ceiling’s on the floor

Looking back the captain smiles

laughing with the crew

Milwaukee has betrayed us

and there’s nothing we can do

Everything is starting to get different

in a very sort of strange way

I’m seeing things I’m not sure if I like it here

After Magna Zero, we perform Silver II. This is a chaotic fast tune where the bass line and melody are performed in rounds between the guitar and piano. This piece signifies coming down after leaving Magna Zero and heading towards Planet Ulsa with Milwaukee Talkie and The Magic Marble Crew.

When we land on Ulsa, we realize that Milwaukee Talkie & The Magic Marble Crew are just trying to sell us off, and we’ve been a bargaining chip for him the whole time. Ulsa is inhabited by millions of brainwashed slaves that work all day in an extremely hot environment. When we realize that we’re being sold off as slaves to the planet, it’s up to us to escape before we are brainwashed and have to spend the rest of our existence working on Ulsa. Here are the lyrics to Ulsa:

Welcome to our world

you’re gonna hit the ground... runnin

You’re gonna slave Away,

break you down to nothing

Work you all day long,

work you to the bone

We own your mind and body

and your heart and soul

It’s 1000 degrees

it’s 1000 degrees in this machine

It’s 1000 degrees

it’s 1000 degrees and you can never leave

Look at all the madness

look at all the slaves

They’re erasing senses

and they’re washing brains

Everyone’s a number

no one has a face

Gotta climb aboard

and leave this place

It’s 1000 degrees

it’s 1000 degrees in this machine

It’s 1000 degrees

It’s 1000 degrees and you can never leave

Time to run there’s nothing here,

Milwaukee was a scam

We were just a pawn within

the captains master plan

If we don’t escape tonight

then we’ll forever be

Bound to planet Ulsa

just a Part of the machine

Guitar led jam over verse changes

Everyone’s asleep

the time is now or never

Leave Milwaukee here

with the crew forever

Hit the gas and fly

before they see we’re gone

Up and away we speed

into the great beyond

It’s 1000 degrees

it’s 1000 degrees in this machine

It’s 1000 degrees

It’s 1000 degrees and you can never leave

After we steal Milwaukee Talkie & The Magic Marble Crew’s ship, we fly around space aimlessly, trying to find our way back home. Just as we start to worry that we’re never going to make it back, a comet appears in the distance, and it’s heading right towards our ship... Here are the lyrics to The Comet:

Floating through the atmosphere

We don't know where we are

just another satellite

Among the shooting stars

On our own we wonder

if we'll ever make it home

What if all the engines fail

We're out here on our own

Instrumental Line

Counting down the days

As we ration out the food

The sounds of an alarm

start screaming loudly in the room

A comets coming closer

and there's nothing we can do

Watching through the windows

as we face impending doom

1/2 time guitar solo

Narration Over Hits

Braced for impact

they both stare down the giant icy sphere

as it barrels through space

speeding towards the ship...

With Sweat dripping down their faces

they count down the final moments of life

wishing they never met Milwaukee Talkie

and made this fateful trip

As the comet closes in

they realize there's a chance that it could miss

As they both close their eyes

and say their last goodbyes

the comet soars past them,

only clipping the ships orbiter

and sends them both spinning

uncontrollably out into the void...

towards a shiny silver celestial orb

in the middle of the galaxy....."

Silver III is an instrumental piece that captures the emotion of us slowly spinning towards an unknown planet with no control of the ship. We crash land on Planet Silver, and when we come out of our unconsciousness, we awake to find that we’ve made it to a place where we would like to stay forever. Here are the lyrics to Planet Silver:

What Is this place, are we alive

Could this be real, or is this heaven

I think we've finally found our home

rivers run through open fields

and filter down into the sea

No one around, can't hear a sound

aside from bluebirds singing sweet songs

while we watch the sun go down

In all our lives we've never felt

we've been so fortunate and free

Planet Silver....

Is where we'd like to be

Guitar Solo

From a distance Comes a girl

And stands before us with a grin

and says she's wondered where we've been

we've been waiting for you both

So you could see how it could be

Planet Earth will soon be gone

If you don't take what you see here

Tell the people, make it clear

Its not too late to change the way

You live your lives, I hope you see

Planet Silver...

Is where we'd like to be

Guitar Solo

Although we want to stay on Planet Silver forever, the people there demand that we go back to earth and take all the beauty, peacefulness, tranquility and love that we experienced on their planet, and bring it all back home to make our planet a better place to live. We Need You is the final piece of the concept. It is a Reprise of the music from Milwaukee Talkie, but major instead of minor, with different lyrics. Here are the lyrics to We Need You:

So much love

so much good

wish we all just understood

Time to heal

time to please

Be aware of others needs

Time to help

time to give

On the planet where we live

Time to join together now

Working hand in hand

Take a moment from your day

And give back to the land...

Repeat and build ending

Check out this video from the 2nd time Silver was played in full from 2019-12-17

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