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Appears on: Rick's Picks Vol. 11 - Silver Rick's Picks Vol. 18 Rick's Picks Vol. 05 Rick's Picks Vol. 20 Drive-In Live Rick's Picks Vol. 03 Rick's Picks Vol. 21 Rick's Picks Vol. 24 Rick's Picks Vol. 08 Rick's Picks Vol. 15 Rick's Picks Vol. 25

Magic Marble Crew has been performed by Neighbor 43 times. It was last played 2022-05-25, which was 2 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed By Track Time Footnote
2019-09-03 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA19Neighbor14:32Debut
2019-09-10 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor13:40Dux solo intro
2019-09-24 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor08:05
2019-10-29 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor13:50Dean introduced as Tom Papp. Drum solo segue.
2019-11-05 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor12:55Dan Kelly solo bass intro
2019-11-12 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor08:25
2019-11-26 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor09:59
2019-12-10 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor17:15
2019-12-17 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA0Neighbor14:40
2019-12-21 Sugarloaf Mountain, Carrabassett Valley, ME0Neighbor
2020-01-14 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA2Neighbor23:25
2020-01-25 3S Art Space, Portsmouth, NH1Neighbor12:45
2020-02-18 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor28:55Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka) and Mighty Apple Tree tease
2020-02-21 Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA0Neighbor09:49Thunder Island storm sounds
2020-03-10 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor11:59
2020-06-25 Tupelo Music Hall Drive-In, Derry, NH0Neighbor15:15Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix) tease.
2020-07-23 Levitate Backyard and Rexicana Surf Cantina, Marshfield, MA0Neighbor15:08Echoes (Pink Floyd) tease
2020-07-24 Levitate Backyard and Rexicana Surf Cantina, Marshfield, MA0Neighbor00:43Ending only
2020-09-11 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA2Neighbor16:34Tim Palmieri on guitar. Martian Monster quotes, Steel tease, and Breath (Pink Floyd) sample
2020-10-04 Tupelo Music Hall Drive-In, Derry, NH2Neighbor06:25Pine Tree and Lonely Rider teases.
2020-10-31 Drive-In Live, Swanzey, NH1Neighbor09:00The Neighbor Nine
2020-11-28 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA3Neighbor17:23
2021-01-08 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA2Neighbor11:21Dandemic quotes.
2021-02-09 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA1Neighbor21:07
2021-04-27 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA5Neighbor23:23A Go Go (John Scofield), Negative Space, and Tom Papp teases. Evil Neighbor samples. "You So Soft" quotes.
2021-05-02 Some Kind of Jam Festival, Schuylkill Haven, PA0Neighbor06:37
2021-05-25 The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH3Neighbor12:05
2021-07-01 The Peach Music Festival, Scranton, PA2Neighbor07:55
2021-08-19 Circus of Life Festival, Bethel, NY3Neighbor16:15No Quarter tease.
2021-09-03 Martell's at the Red Fox, Jeffersonville, VT1Neighbor18:27
2021-09-05 Adirondack Independence Music Festival, Lake George, NY0Neighbor09:51
2021-09-16 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY2Neighbor05:30
2021-10-16 The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY2Neighbor07:22
2021-11-05 Winston's Beach Club, San Diego, CA2Neighbor10:27
2021-11-27 Bank of NH Stage, Concord, NH1Neighbor12:16Cucamonga Carl tease.
2022-01-08 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA2Neighbor09:12Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix) tease.
2022-02-10 Nectar's, Burlington, VT0Neighbor13:25Crashing Down tease.
2022-02-23 The Jazz Standard (Basement), New York, NY2Neighbor
2022-04-22 5 Points Music Sanctuary, Roanoke, VA4Neighbor09:21
2022-04-24 Salvage Station, Asheville, NC1Neighbor07:09
2022-04-30 Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA3Neighbor07:44
2022-05-14 Resonate Suwanee Festival, Live Oak, FL2Neighbor
2022-05-25 Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY1Neighbor