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Show Notes: This was the third show in the "Going the Distance" series. As part of a fundraiser for the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), the band gave the audience 9 options for sets in the MotherClucker contest. As of midnight the night before the show Option #9 for "British Invasion" had raised the 3rd most money. It was subsequently removed from the list for the next show and 6 options remain. Tim Palmieri opened the show on solo guitar playing British Invasion songs. The lyrics to "Love Like Stone" were changed to "Sister Blackstone" at the end.

Opening Band(s): Tim Palmieri solo

"Chickens" tease in Wild Thing
"Tom Papp" tease in One For The Hoop
"Pine Tree" tease in Taxman
"Stash" tease in Sultans of Swing
"Tom Papp" tease in Stranger Part of Town
" He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands" quote in The Bottom Of My Heart

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