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Show Notes: This was the second show in the "Going the Distance" series. As part of a fundraiser for the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), the band gave the audience 9 options for sets in the MotherClucker contest. As of noon the day of this show Option #7 for "Evil Neighbor Set" had raised the 2nd most money. It was subsequently removed from the list for the next 2 shows and 7 options remain.

Soundcheck: Evil Woman (Electric Light Orchestra), Let It Be (The Beatles), Thunder Island, Point of No Returned, Twins and Twins (Soundcheck is incomplete and unverified)

"Call Me The Breeze" tease in Lonely Rider
"Evil Apple Tree" quote in Thunder Island
"Evil voices and sounds" sample in Thunder Island
"Creepy kids singing Ring Around the Rosie" sample in Thunder Island
"Evil screams" sample in Point of No Return
"Evil Apple Tree" quote in Crashing Down
"Evil Apple Tree" quote in Twins and Twins
"Pine Tree" tease in Evil Woman
"Crashing Down" tease in Evil Woman
"Thunder Island" tease in Evil Ways
"Evil screams " sample in Evil Woman
"Planet Silver" tease in Pine Tree

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