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Show Notes: The first set is the same order of songs as the track list for the self titled debut album "Neighbor." After Mary and Martha, Ricky thanked the crowd for coming and brought Matt Wayne on stage to thank him for his work on the debut album. Before the start of the second set the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Celtics,” the band played along and Lyle teased NBA on NBC (John Tesh). The lyrics to Chickens were changed to “Wilbur Theater is in dismay.” Ricky said he wrong the first song of the encore this week after receiving a piano from friends and fans for his birthday and it had no name at the time of the show. A few days later the name was chosen by the band to be State Street. During State Street Ricky announced that the band is booked to sing the National Anthem at Fenway Park on June 27th.

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