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Show Notes: The Mayor of Newmarket (someone acting as the mayor) presented the band with the key to the city, then there was a ribbon cutting, then the band launched into a 61 minute Free Bird. Free Bird included Freedom (George Michael), Free (Phish), and Thats All (Genesis) jams. Taxman (The Beatles), Headrush, Pine Tree, Cucamonga Carl, Take Me Alive, Memory of a Free Festival (David Bowie), and Freedom (Rage Against The Machine) teases.

This setlist is incomplete or unconfirmed.

"Free Bird" tease in Cucamonga Carl
"Free Bird" tease in Take Me Alive
"Freedom" jam in Free Bird
"Free" jam in Free Bird
"That's All" jam in Free Bird
"Taxman" tease in Free Bird
"Headrush" tease in Free Bird
"Pine Tree" tease in Free Bird
"Cucamonga Carl" tease in Free Bird
"Take Me Alive" tease in Free Bird
"Freedom" tease in Free Bird
"Memory of a Free Festival" tease in Free Bird

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