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Show Notes: This was the first show in the "Going the Distance" series. As part of a fundraiser for the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), the band gave the audience 9 options for sets in the MotherClucker contest. As of midnight the night before this show Option #1 for "One Song Set" had raised the most money. It was subsequently removed from the list for the next 3 shows and 8 options remain.

Ricky has a shirt of Marcus Smart that says "You Soft" that he wears all the time. Prior to this show Tom Papp made shirts in a similar style that had Ricky's face in place of Marcus Smarts. At the start of the show the entire band and many members of the crowd (and even more posted pics of wearing the shirts from home on Facebook) revealed they were all wearing the same shirt much to Ricky's surprise. During the show there were many instances between songs where the band said "You Soft" to each other. During Sunday Afternoon this was taken to another level and Ricky used his vocoder to interweave "You Soft" into the jam.

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  • 2021-11-20, Neighbor, Portland House of Music and Events, Portland, ME

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