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Appears on: Rick's Picks Vol. 18 Neighbor Live
Spanish Moon was originally performed by Little Feat
It has been performed by Neighbor 26 times. It was last played 2023-03-11, which was the most recent show.
It has also been performed by Taste Buds 2 times.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed ByTrack Time Footnote
2019-01-22 Down The Road Brewery, Everett, MA1Neighbor16:10
2019-02-12 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA2Neighbor08:10Mike's Song (Phish) and Money (Pink Floyd) teases.
2019-02-19 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor11:04
2019-03-19 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor07:50Lyrics changed to "Whiskey and Sparkle Jackets..."
2019-04-09 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor12:00Cory Schechtman on saxophone. Your Pet Cat (Phish) samples.
2019-04-23 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor12:54
2019-04-30 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor9:55Lee Ross (tenor sax), Mark Coronado (trumpet), Alex Budney (bass), Greg Hall (guitar).
2019-05-21 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Neighbor11:22
2019-06-18 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Neighbor11:55Lee Ross on tenor sax.
2019-07-16 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA1Neighbor10:00
2019-07-30 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA2Neighbor21:04Lee Ross on tenor sax. Crashing Down tease.
2019-08-13 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA2Neighbor16:18Lee Ross on tenor sax. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) tease.
2019-09-10 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA2Neighbor01:20
2019-10-29 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA4Neighbor12:50Dennis Angelo on guitar, Mark Coronado on trumpet, and Lee Ross on tenor sax. Jingle Bells (Traditional) and Auld Lang Syne (Traditional) teases.
2019-12-03 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA4Neighbor20:11
2020-02-18 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA10Neighbor02:29
2020-07-24 Levitate Backyard, Marshfield, MA6Neighbor08:32Pine Tree, Swerve (The New Motif), Lonely Rider and Magic Marble Crew teases.
2020-09-26 Capital Arts Festival, Concord, NH5Neighbor08:01Magic Marble Crew tease.
2020-10-31 Drive-In Live, Swanzey, NH4Neighbor06:31The Neighbor Nine.
2021-05-25 The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH20Neighbor06:55Lyrics sung in Spanish. Lonely Rider tease.
2021-08-19 Circus of Life Festival, Bethel, NY7Neighbor06:40
2021-11-05 Winston's Beach Club, San Diego, CA12Neighbor06:57
2022-01-08 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA5Neighbor16:41
2022-05-28 Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL24Neighbor
2022-08-13 Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO18Neighbor06:47Lyrics sang in Spanish.
2023-03-11 The Met, Pawtucket, RI45Neighbor13:52Magic Marble Crew tease.