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DrAudio 2022-10-27
This was an incredible show. Many people that were at the festival will tell you it was the highlight of the weekend. I know it was for me. The band was really in their groove and feeling the awesome vibes the Ramblefest folks were putting out. 

This set list looks to be correct (to the best of my new Neighbor knowledge) except for the addition of Thunder Island at the end as an "in-set" encore.

KernelForbin 2020-10-30
Fun show. My first and only live Neighbor experience. Venue is definitely super small and not generally made for concerts like this, but they made it work! Was looking forward to them getting back to NYC for a proper show, but obviously that won’t be happening any time soon. Some day maybe we will make it up to a drive-in. 

sethadam1 2020-07-19
test test test

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